About Us

After asking my tarot cards the same daily question for weeks, I finally gathered up what was left of my savings and invested it into a small order of a few different types of rough crystals. They arrived and I carefully organised them into my glass cabinet before listing them on Etsy. I've always had a passion for crystals and found myself drawn to them - I wanted to share my passion with the world! However, when it came to pricing them, I was horrified at the extortionate mark-ups of other sellers so I decided to stick with my morals and go for my own mark-up which was substantially cheaper. Crystals are beautiful, healing gifts provided by Mother Earth - why charge so much?
Then came TikTok. I decided to upload a short video packing a rough crystal mystery box. I was beaming from ear to ear - I got my first sale that night! Little did I know it was the calm before the storm. I woke up the following morning and looked at my phone. 20+ sales on Etsy?!
20 turned to 100 which turned to 1000 and before I knew it in the space of two weeks I'd moved into my own office, expanded my range drastically and I now get deliveries of stock daily - I'm living my dream thanks to each and every lovely customer! ♥
My aim will always be to make these beautiful gifts of nature accessible to everyone with any budget. There's SO much planned in the pipelines so keep checking back with us!